What is counselling and how can it help me?

Counselling is a talking therapy, which allows someone to explore any issues or difficult situations that come up in their life. 

It sounds like we could get this from anywhere, at anytime with the right friend or family member, but how many times have you felt that you’ve been unable to do this? Plenty I expect. 

But counselling, is more than just chatting something through. It helps us to verbalise and explore different perspectives. It can help us move on from difficult situations and feelings and it can also help us fundamentally change as people as we work through our accumulated life baggage. 

Counselling provides a place for someone to take time for themselves, with someone that doesn’t judge what’s being said or explored. It’s a way to make space and time for you to explore the issues that you have, or difficulties you experience without being judged and in a compassionate and empathic relationship with the counsellor.  

It’s not a place for guidance or advice though. And it can be a tough process, talking about things that can be hard or difficult to feel into. But, I’ll be there walking beside you, supporting you and helping you work through things. 

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Counselling for the childless-not-by-choice community or those with infertility

While we all come to childlessness with our unique back stories, I know exactly how it feels to struggle with infertility and childlessness. It was how I came to become a counsellor, having struggled to find the right counsellor, that could offer me the right support when I needed it. 

Nothing quite prepares you for the intense feelings of loss, anger, disappointment, loneliness and isolation as well as hurt, that are brought up when you have to contemplate a life that you had neither planned for, nor expected. 

However, with the right counselling, and the right counsellor, you can find support and a place of understanding. It can even feel like an oasis of calm in the storm when you find someone that gets it, and allows you to feel all those feelings that you have to keep under wraps and away from others for fear of more hurt or misunderstanding.

With the level of understanding I have, I can promise to listen and hear you, while giving you the space to feel the feelings that you have to keep under wraps. I will also provide the empathy and understanding that comes from having been there myself, while you process and adapt to your new life. 

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