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I’ve had to pinch myself, as I sit here writing a blog post for Jody Day to celebrate the relaunch of her book ‘Living the life unexpected’. Not only because After the Storm appears in the appendix providing a list of all the help that’s out there for us as a community, but because it’s amazing to see how, with the right help, coming at the right time, we can pick ourselves back up.

In relative terms, it wasn’t that long ago that I sat hunched over my old PC, asking Jeeves about childlessness. I was desperately seeking something that would help me feel less alone, less sad and better able to cope with what life had thrown at me. And that was when I discovered Jody Day’s work, including her book, which at that time (2014) was called ‘Rocking the Life Unexpected’.

‘If you hoped, planned and expected to become a mother on day, but it didn’t work out, this book is for you. Wow! What a universe of pain, heartbreak, surprise, dashed hopes, shock and grief are contained in that one short sentence…’

I can’t begin to explain the impact that this book had on me, because not only did it help me realise I wasn’t the only one going through childlessness (the chapter called ‘you’re not the odd one out’, had me weeping with relief as I sat amongst a sea of post-it notes) and that I didn’t have to do this on my own. What an enormous weight off my shoulders it was, to know that there were others out there that knew and totally got what I was experiencing. That they could relate to what I was feeling and really empathise.

And I guess looking back, that was the first tiny, impossibly small glimmer of hope that I felt in the whole of my fertility backstory. So, when I read the introduction by Jody for the new and fully revised edition, it felt that Jody had really nailed what it is that we’re all looking for when we first realise that we won’t be able to have the family we dreamed of – hope.

It really doesn’t matter how we got here, or what our backgrounds are, we’re all looking for someone that’s been through it and haven’t just survived but also thrived. And that someone is there for us, showing us how we’re going to make it through the grief and the disappointment, into a plan B that’s meaningful for us.

‘Those of us who’ve already made this trip are waiting for you on the other side, and many others are in the water alongside you, each feeling that they’re swimming alone…’

I guess the only way I can describe it is, when I was at my lowest and loneliest, Jody’s book offered me the hand that helped pick me up off the floor. It dusted me off, hugged me and said I was going to be OK, something that no-one else around me could offer. And that in a nutshell sums up the book and the person, because Jody is quite possibly one of the most amazing women I had ever met. She inspires, she supports and she speaks up for us as a tribe. And she was banging the drum for our community before many of us had the courage to do the same.

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