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Top 10 Tips To Finding Your Purpose

How I found my path After The Storm

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Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities. I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and optimist who is passionate about empowering you to transform your painful past to a purposeful & passionate future.

There’s nothing quite like a broken dream to really leave you feeling damaged, shattered and wondering what the heck your purpose is then if it isn’t to have children, like everyone else. 

That was me, not so very long ago. After many years of trying, one miscarriage and many, many medical treatments, I was informed that it just simply wouldn’t be possible for me to have children naturally. 

And that’s why I created After the Storm, because it takes a lot of guts and determination to get to acceptance. 

And I don’t mean allowing the issue to swallow you up whole and you accepting a less than brilliant life. It’s learning to work with what you have, loving what makes you, you and finding out what it is that you have to offer. Because, you can move past that painful past and onto a passion filled and purposeful life by learning to like yourself and learning to grow again. 

And sometimes guidance and someone there who gets it can really help. So, believe me, if you choose to invest in yourself and join me on this journey, it will have a massive impact! 

So, if you are ready to be on the path to your purpose then grab your ticket now!